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Under the High Patronage of
Mr Emmanuel MACRON
President of the French Republic

Louis Pouzin

the Nivernais …

who almost invented the internet

As Jean-Marie Hullot, Designer iPhone, or François Gernelle, Father MICRAL, ancestor of the microcomputer, Louis Pouzin embodies an annoying French tradition of missed appointments with history. the polytechnic, born in Chantenay-Saint-Imbert in 1931, is simply the inventor of internet ... before Internet. Denis Thuriot, President Nevers Agglomeration, present him an award at the SIIViM, and inaugurate a Louis Pouzin room to Inkub.

Fascinated by computers from his school exit, even before the term exists, Nivernais Unleashes new world of networks and developed the concept of datagram, or packet. In the early 1970, the idea is revolutionary. Too much, without a doubt. The Cyclades project, in which Louis Pouzin leads his pioneering work, is abandoned by the administration and political power, who believe more ... Minitel.

Private grants, Cyclades project withers. In the USA, Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn inspired datagram to develop the TCP / IP protocol, key internet vault. several awards, including the Legion of Honor in 2003, will honor Louis Pouzin and its decisive research in the birth of the "world wide web", American invention that was nearly a "worldwide web" French.


At the occasion of SIIViM, a ceremony will be held at theInkub in honour of Louis Pouzin, Nivernais, polytechnician and unsung pioneer of Internet.


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