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Under the High Patronage of
Mr Emmanuel MACRON
President of the French Republic

conferences – SATURDAY 09/11

Edition 2018

Plateau TV

9h00 - Welcome address by Denis Thuriot



10h00 - The mobility service trade

Mobility, just as the economy, habitat, equipment or cleanliness, is a fundamental component of the attractiveness of urban centers. A city attractive, it is a peaceful city and accessible to all. The challenges are many and sometimes contradictory : soothe yes, but retaining access to vital functions of the city center. cars, pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, Shuttle Buses… What place let each mode of transport in a small or mid-town heart ? And what challenges on businesses ?

speakers : Vivien CROSS (Director of Keolis Nevers), Jean-Pierre Lehmann (The President Display France), Michel MONET (Vice President Nevers Agglomeration charge associated mobility and public services), Pierrette CONCILE (Deputy Mayor of Nevers, delegated to local shops), Jean-Luc DECHAUFFOUR (The President Nevers Display)


11h00 - differentiating identity of city centers

The trade needs to flow and customer (assets, inhabitants…) to exist. Planning policies and urban entertainment must now seek to develop the uniqueness of downtown, to affirm a differentiating identity to encourage attendance or residentiality. Whether seeking locals and consumers ? What image do they have of their city ?

speakers : Jean-Pierre Lehmann (The President Display France), Robert MARTIN (President of the Club Managers of City Center), Pierrette CONCILE (Deputy Mayor of Nevers, delegated to local shops), Maxime BEDON (cofounder – Responsible development & Partnerships Local stores)


14h00 - preventive and predictive medicine : stack the odds in your favor

Science is exponential progress. Some doctors n & rsquo; not hesitate to put forward the concept of & rsquo; man repaired, implying that new technologies allow us to replace defective organs, as changing rooms d & rsquo; a car. But all good driver will tell you to browse a large number of kilometers without a hitch, we must first properly maintain his car and make revisions regularly. C & rsquo; is exactly that & rsquo; we call preventive medicine. This is to take a daily lifestyle and to regularly check a number of parameters such as any driver would do by checking the & rsquo; oil or watching the lights of the dashboard. This simple approach, coupled with predictive medicine techniques allow d & rsquo; avoid many deaths each year. For d & rsquo; example 15 million & rsquo; hypertension in France, 50% are not treated as they are not detected. diet Tips, lifestyle, symptoms that should alert us… Our experts will answer all your questions about preventive medicine and predictive.

speakers : Sylvie COUDRET (Nurse), Laurent DAVENNE (Pharmacist Vice President of the Regional Council of Pharmacists Burgundy), Laurent CHAUVOT (Medical Doctor Qualibcation General Medicine )


15h00 - Alzheimer, neurodegenerative diseases

Today in France, near 3 million people are directly or indirectly affected by Alzheimer's disease. Day by day, the disease is gaining ground. Near 225 000 new cases are diagnosed each year. From here 2020, our country probably count 1 275 000 sick people. Neurodegenerative diseases are scary. They impact, not only on the sick, but also all the family fabric. The caregivers are often exhausted themselves quickly weakened. How to spot Alzheimer's? L & rsquo; heredity does play a role? What is the & rsquo; treatment efficacy? What types & rsquo; advances can we expect? S Who & rsquo; address to get help? Our experts will answer all your questions.

speakers : David WALLON (Neurologist and physician researcher in genetic disease d & rsquo; Alzheimer – CHU de Rouen), Alain Tixier (CEO Fingertips), Claudine PEROTIAN (Association President Alhzeimer France Nièvre)



16h00 - Renovation of the house of culture

Agglomeration Nevers was the recipient of the call for project Territory Positive Energy for Green Growth with his renovation project "low consumption" of the House of Culture of Nevers Agglomeration. The winning design will save 47 % of building heating consumption, the façade insulation and the contribution of a "solar wall" on the stage house of the House of Culture. The city of Nevers is associated with the agglomeration so renovating the facades of all buildings. The vegetation will also be integrated to the frame in order to promote and enhance biodiversity in the city. Work started and will last until summer 2019.

speakers : Charlotte DETAILLE (Project leader Climate Energy – Agglomeration Nevers), Patrice WARNANT (Architect)


17h00 - hackathon


17h15 - Closing remarks by Denis Thuriot & Presentation of Innovation Award SIIViM 2018

Photos from Saturday 10/11/2018

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