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conferences – FRIDAY 09/11

Edition 2018

Plateau TV

9h00 - Official opening of SIIViM

speakers : Denis THURIOT (President Nevers Agglomeration and Mayor of Nevers), charge of Digital), Line BEAUCHAMP (General Delegate of Quebec in Paris and Personal Representative of the Prime Minister for La Francophonie), Raymonde GOUDOU COFFI (Minister of Modernization of Administration and Innovation of the Public Service of Côte d'Ivoire), Suren PAPIKYAN (Minister of Territorial Administration and Development of the Republic of & rsquo; Armenia ), Daniel SEND (Minister Plenipotentiary Economic Affairs and scientibques to the Israeli Embassy in France), Denis HAMLET (Vice President of the Regional Council of Burgundy Franche-Comte, in charge of & rsquo; social economy, Dijon metropolis delegate Advisor Higher Education Research Innovation)

9H30 - Conférence d'ouverture du SIIViM : Co-innovation between cities medians, to the first marketplace medians cities

Rethinking territorial attractiveness by structuring the top spot in global market medians cities. How to network the various actors of the territories to build new models of governance and cooperation ? How to share development projects between cities by sharing development costs and human resources skills medians cities ?

speakers : Raymonde GOUDOU COFFI (Minister of Modernization of Administration and Innovation of the Public Service of Côte d'Ivoire), Michel ANGERS (Mayor of Shawinigan (Québec) ), Isabelle CEMETERY (Vice President of the Urban Community of Dunkirk and Mission ECOTER), Sylvie PARENT (Mayor of Longueuil (Québec) ), François ELIE (President ADULLACT & Deputy mayor of Angoulême), Muriel TOUATY (France Technion Executive Director)


10H30 - What mechanisms to foster the development of medians cities ?

Regional development is partnership deal, collaboration and d & rsquo; ecosystem. This must be based on existing mechanisms. In France, "Operation Action heart of city" aims to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of towns, and strengthen their role as an engine of development of the territory. In Armenia "the same territorial development" aims to economically develop all the Armenian territories based on the cooperation of the community territories. In Quebec, Regional d & rsquo poles allow innovation & rsquo; focus existing entrepreneurs, or become, to d & rsquo services, specialized support or help them seize opportunities & rsquo; business, together with existing regional partners. How to use these devices to build the first innovative network medians cities to build new economic corridors, in France and abroad, differentiating cities.

speakers : Suren PAPIKYAN (Minister of Territorial Administration and Development of the Republic of & rsquo; Armenia), Rollon MOUCHEL-BLAISOT (Prefect and Director of the national program "Action heart of town" – Department of territorial cohesion), Myriam YASSA (municipal councilor in the city connected, Councilor d & rsquo; agglomeration – Besancon Mayor), Michel-Francois Delannoy (Head of City Heart Agenda, Bank Territories), Maude LABROSSE (Deputy Managing Director Shawinigan Digihub)


11H30 - Future of Mobility : What future for our transportation ?

Urban travel are changing. What will tomorrow's suitable models for median cities : collaborative, intelligent, plural ? Between anti-jam bus and autonomous bus, how to accompany the good innovations and anticipate change ?

speakers : Bruno BONNELL (Deputy of Rhône, Chairman of the Board of the Business School and the EMLyon of Navya Supervisory Board), Normand Dyotte (Mayor of the City of Candiac), Frédéric BAVEREZ (CEO and President France KEOLIS EFFIA), Bruno GRANDJEAN (Director of Programs "Mobility Services" and "Infrastructure and Communication" Vehicle of the Future Pole), Sebastien CAPELLE (Director Mobility / Smart Cities – Orange Business Services), Rémy COMBERNOUX (Territorial Development Director Burgundy, EDF Trading Est)

14h00 - Smart Cities ... smart and if we were together ?

Communities are stretched on topics such as the & rsquo; open data or the smart-city and must always maintain control of their data and their tools. But how to master the governance of projects related to the & rsquo; digital innovation ? Are there still a pilot in & rsquo; plane?

speakers : Florent BOITHIAS (Project Director smart cities and territories Cerema), Virginie STEINER (Responsible for the & rsquo; innovation – Mayor of La Rochelle), Emmanuel VIVE (Director General of the Adico, Association for Development and Digital Innovation Communities), Manon LAUGAA (Doctoral student and consultant in Metapolis), Agathe BIANCHIN (CapCollectif Development Manager)


15h00 - Pia Andrews


16h00 - Supporting innovation in Median territories : Issues and Prospects

In recent years, local authorities are conducting innovative policies with the main objective to accelerate the development of their territory. Median real lever for territories, digital is proving to be a support / an inescapable economic assistance for smart cities and connected. What are the initiatives taken by communities, businesses and startups present in the territories ? How innovation triptych, entrepreneurship and territory that translate ? Why is it necessary for the establishment of sustainable partnerships between Median territories ? What makes "smart territories", they are a chance for economic cross ? How to deploy innovation in the territories ?

speakers : Isabelle CEMETERY (Vice President of the Urban Community of Dunkirk and Mission ECOTER), William SCHUMAN (President TCRM-BLIDA, Chief Councilor of the city of Metz, Community Advisor Metz Métropole), Benoit Balmana (Ecosystem Director General Quebec Innovation IVEO), Louis MONTAGNE (cofounder & President & rsquo; AF83), Florence DURAND-RETURN (founder – General Delegate of the associative network “Internet cities” ), Jeanne-CARREZ Debock (Responsible Smart City program - Bank Territories), Aurélien Brietz (Director territorial transitions (Digital, Environment, Economy) the Urban Community of the Saint-Omer)


17h15 - The digital medicine: issues and opportunities

Digital has entered fully into the & rsquo; health world. Radiology is a perfect example. The digitization of images allows & rsquo; d & rsquo use software; diagnostic aid. Thanks to digitization, we can model the organs for 3D representations which serve to prepare the interventions or print prostheses. The compilation of millions of data on radio (Big Data) will open new horizons for researchers. Le Machine learning, then the deep learning and & rsquo; IOT (Internet of Things) will allow computers and robots & rsquo; be more efficient. These tremendous advances have already begun to revolutionize our knowledge. They will also upset the & rsquo; organization of care chain, pose ethical problems, be the & rsquo; issue of legal battles and to the & rsquo; & rsquo subject; a fierce economic competition in & rsquo; international level. What are the challenges and opportunities for the medians cities? What will the role of the doctor tomorrow? These advances will they benefit the people? So many crucial questions that the experts around this roundtable will give you food for thought.

speakers : Patrice Cristofini (Director of Business Development and Partnerships of BewellConnect), Philippe Cordier (Deputy Mayor for Health and intergenerational ties - Community Advisor), Valérie FAURE (teleconsultant Physician and Medical Director H4D), Jean-Claude DUROUSSEAUD ()


Big room

10h00 - Le patrimoine à l'ère du numérique

The notion of cultural heritage takes unsuspected dimensions, unsuspected and many in the digital era. What heritage experiences that combine design and powerful tools to enhance and transmit the heritage innovatively ?

speakers : Frédérique MACAREZ (Mayor of Saint-Quentin & Vice President of the St. Quentin Agglo), François ELIE (President ADULLACT & Deputy mayor of Angoulême), Pascal MINGUET (Project leader Digital Transformation in the Region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté), Olivier MOREL-Nahriogehri (Président d & rsquo; Anima Culture), Anne PASQUET (Moderator of the & rsquo; architecture and heritage of the city & rsquo; Autun)

11h00 - The Technion serving the median territories and cities

The Technion has contributed to the development of the "Startup Nation" of Israel by promoting the monetization of concrete research project & rsquo; business. L & rsquo; all universities medians cities is developing assets if students can pass entrepreneur researcher status, and research universities can contribute to R & D local businesses. This conference will Technion, to & rsquo; University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and the & rsquo; d & rsquo ISAT; discuss the potential role of universities as spatial development accelerator.

speakers : Muriel TOUATY (France Technion Executive Director), THIS Santiago (PhD in organic chemistry -Technion d & rsquo; Israel), Yann DUBOSC (Mayor of Bussy Saint-Georges and President EPAMARNE), Jean GUZZO (Vice President of the & rsquo; University of Burgundy delegate to the promotion of research and relationships with the business world), Luis LE MOYNE (Director of the Higher Institute of Automotive and Transportation Nevers (ISAT)), Juliette METENIER DUPONT (Mayor of Givry and Vice President of the Grand Chalon in charge of new technologies & rsquo; information and communication. President Nicephore City, host of digital blière Grand Chalon, member of the French Tech)

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14h00 - innovative mobility : Original solutions available !

speakers : Raphael SERVE (Regional Sales Manager – France, Benelux & Switzerland de Mobileye), Sabine THE NEVANNAU (Managing Director of Concept Geebee Inc.), Alain DESJARDINS (General Manager of the City of Plessiville (Québec)), Jean-François DHINAUX (Head of Strategy, Marketing & Partnership de Via-ID), Lucas QUINONERO (CEO & Founder Mobeelity)

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15h00 - Smart building et smart city : any interaction between intelligent territories ?

The installation of sensors and actuators promote developments in automated management of equipment beyond the advances in terms of energy security and economy. The issue of interoperability and interaction arises in the multitude of "intelligent territories" in creation. How to integrate these new communications and interactions in the evolution of the city center ?

speakers : Christian ROZIER (President of Urban Practices), Emmanuel FRANCOIS (President of the Alliance for Smart Buildings Smart Cities (SBA)), Martin DAMPHOUSSE (Mayor of Varennes), Didier ROUSTAN (Innovative Solutions Director ), Michaël POUCHELET (Co founding partner Ecomairie)

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16h00 - Digitizing stores : any ownership shops ?

There is no question today of opposing physical commercial offer to the internet as the purchasing behavior have diversifés through multichannel, the cross-channel, the phygital. It is essential that trade tomorrow – particularly local shops – appropriates the diversity of digital solutions that are deployed taking into account the needs and specificity. This panel will consist of a discussion on the levers are digital solutions and brakes that exist for local shops of small and middle cities.

speakers : Farid MHEIR (Consultant in digital technologies), Jean-Pierre Lehmann (The President Display France), Yanis SYSTEMS (Co dirigeantde Sweepin ), Fabien Ferrazza (Director Public Sector Solutions at DOCAPOST, digital subsidiary of La Poste Group), Maxime BEDON (Co-founder - Development Manager & Partnerships Local stores)

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radio tray

10h00 - Digital and education

evolving technologies offer new opportunities for educators and needed to ask questions : or, when, what, ... how to teach the Digital Age ? And therefore, why deny, without abusing ?

speakers : Olivier TABOUREUX (Deputy Mayor Beauvais – VP CA Beauvais), Michèle GUERRIN (Management OnlineFormapro), Nathalie MOREL (Key Accounts for the Post), Eric DE LAGARDE (Campus Manager of & rsquo; s School of Management Bourges (astonishing))

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11h00 - Land rehabilitation medians cities of hearts

A key issue is the revitalization of the commercial fabric coupled with a requalification of the housing stock, mainly composed of a private offer. This panel will consist of an exchange, both strategically and operationally, mobilized on new tools, specifically addressed to the medians cities.

speakers : Pascal Bonin (Mayor of Granby), Lauriane NICOLAS (a researcher and territorial development SEMAEST), Raphaël BRIOT (charge d & rsquo; ANAH studies), Jean-Baptiste LACROIX (Director SEM Territoria Bourges), Charles MOUGEOT (Director of the Etablissement Public Foncier Doubs CFB), Bruno DE CAMBOURG (fondateur inherent)

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14h00 - Contribution of digital to optimize management in cities

While demographic imbalances, economic and social continue to widen between the territories, it is appropriate to question the place that median cities can play in these changes and how the digital and energy can contribute to a rebalancing.

speakers : Serge OSORIO (Sales Manager France – Key Accounts Vinci Energie), Thierry SWELL (Chairman of the municipal computer network in Quebec (RIMQ) and Division Manager of Information Systems for the City of Hampstead ), Jean-Baptiste MERCHIER (Chief Services SMIRTOM SAI), Dorothy FOURNY (Executive Director MAJIKAN), Anne-Marie DUTRON (Marketing director, Witt / Dimonoff)

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15h00 - Data, Challenge for smart city ? About what modeling, quels nouveaux dispositifs d'aide à la décision, any interaction with citizens?

The Act for a Digital Republic, by introducing & rsquo; Open Data default, helps strengthen the dynamic public / private / shared within territories, placing the data at the heart of collaboration between different types of actors that make up the. There aujourd & rsquo; hui increasingly d & rsquo; examples of areas that go into such approaches involving communities / companies / associations / or citizens to produce local repositories.

speakers : Benjamin JEAN (President of the consulting firm INNO3), Gaylord MARCHESSEAU (Account Manager chez OpenDataSoft), Jacques Charron (President de K2 Geospatial), Mireille BONNIN (Project Manager Digital National Federation of the licensing authorities and Authorities), Thomas LAGIER (Forcity CEO), Jean-Marie BOURGOGNE (General Manager of OpenDataFrance)

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16H30 - The role of incubators to accelerate the development of territories

Economic Development and intelligent territories : What tools and processes ?

speakers : Julie ETHIER (Director General in the Economic Development & rsquo; Longueuil ), Dominique VALENTIN (President Relais company founder), Stéphane MEURIC (TRANSALLEY Director), Jean-François DHINAUX (Head of Strategy, Marketing & Partnership, Via-ID), Denis HAMLET (Vice President of the Regional Council of Burgundy Franche-Comte, in charge of & rsquo; social economy, Dijon metropolis delegate Advisor Higher Education Research Innovation Project Manager is smart Dijon Metropolis ), Frederic ROS (Director Orleans Technopole)

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