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Under the High Patronage of
Mr Emmanuel MACRON
President of the French Republic

Innovating together !

Denis Thuriot
the president of Nevers agglomeration
and the Mayor of the city of Nevers

Reinventing a median city, regardless of the country, requires the audacity and the willingness to stand out to deal with the issues of our times. In other words, the new city needs to adapt to the realities of the world and be a breeding ground for the economy and the jobs to be offered.

During my trip to Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January 2018, I could talk with Michel Angers, the Mayor of the city of Shawinigan in Quebec about « median » cities in which innovation is booming and is exportable and meet specific needs. Sharing the same vision…

The international innovation summit in median cities that strongly aims to contribute to the French revival plan called « town or city centre action » will encourage the meeting of start-ups, innovative companies, experts, technicians and especially French cities’elected representatives. They will come from France, Quebec and from the whole world, Their aim is to create collective development strategies.

Why the expression « median » city ?

With nearly 36,000 inhabitants in the city and 72,000 in its urban area, Nevers is called «a median city » like the other 191 French cities of 20, 000 to 100,000 inhabitants that are neither metropolises nor small cities and which house approximately 25% of the population in their municipalities.

Today these cities are subject to an obligation of competitiveness mainly because companies create competition between them by their choice of implementing or relocating their company. So the word medium is badly chosen today. The term « medium » does not say anything about disparities or differences. It does not say anything about the national role of these cities nor about their willingness or their local resources that could provoke a dynamic or a renewal. The issues are not the same but the challenges complement each other. A « medium-sized » city is firstly an « intermediate » city between the metropolis and the rural territory, so it’s a median territory and this preferred term of « median city » is more relevant and does not prejudice the capacity and the potential of the territory.

Nevers urban area :
The territory of the implementation of innovative projects

Directly inspired by the manifesto for the networking of innovation hubs, the SIIViM will focus on the different strategies of mid-sized cities. You will be able to discover the convincing example of IVEO, a network of fiteen Quebecois cities sharing innovation in the field of smart and sustainable transport. Nevers has just joined IVEO.

This innovative idea about the co-construction or co-creation of tools for economic growth represented by the SIIViM offers an alternative to the simple competition between territories that does not appear as an acceptable solution in the long run. Through the SIIViM, mid-sized cities can show their will and their capacity to develop together and to interact to offer new, attractive and innovative living conditions to their inhabitants


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